Best Guinea Pig Bedding-Reviews, Allergies, Odor and Smell

Product Information

Each guinea pig is different and has a different gene makeup so its hard to say which bedding is the best for your guinea. This article was intended for new guinea pig owners to just get a quick outline of the types of bedding and some of the pros and cons of each of them. But remember you may want to try a few out a couple bedding  if the first one you choose doesn’t seem to be comfortable or healthy for your guinea pig.

As you know, guinea pigs need bedding in their habitats to mantain a healthy and comfortable life. There are 3 types of bedding commonly used for guinea pig habitats that you can choose from. You have wood shavings, paper bedding and fleece.

With wood shavings, it is nearly a thing of the past. In modern times it has been found that wood shaving bedding from trees such as cedar and even pine have ceratin oils that can easily cause your guineas and other small animals or pets to become sick or have certain allergy issues. Also you can not easily spot soil marks on wood shavings because they tend to flip or have a “run off” so this means people tend to do less cleaning so your guinea pig is then sitting in its own mess and over time this causes more health issues.  Although it is still sold, it is not something that is recommended if you want your guinea to be healthy and comfortable. (Pine chips/shavings which are a fairly common form of guinea pig bedding are smaller in size and less weight and soil spots are easier seen. If you go this route try to get one that is scentless and oil less)
Now then there is paper bedding ( most common form of bedding) .The risk of health danger, dust and allergenic issues goes significantly down. People enjoy it because it comes in a variety of colors and when your guinea uses the restroom it allows for the mess to be easily spotted an cleaned which overall keeps your pet healthier.  These manufacturers are now adding odor prevention to paper bedding(and pine shavings) which allows any foul smell from your guinea to be masked. But rememeber that soiled paper soaks in smell, so even with the smell prevention, soiled paper soaks in smells such as urine and that can overpower the manufacturers smell, so cleaning up soiled paper is a must. Again dust is not a huge problem with paper bedding, so for allergies in you and your guinea it is a plus. When switching to a smell good bedding such as lavender, etc be sure the smell doesn’t bother your guinea. Most of the time it won’t, but it is always safer to watch him for a few days to be sure.

Then there is fleece bedding. Fleece bedding is recommened for the more savy and experienced guinea pig owner. Reason being it is something that requires care. It is known to be less allergenic than wood but again it needs constant up keep. Fleece is reusable which is a pro because it is more cost effective in the long run and you can customize it to match your guineas habitat which many people enjoy. But again beware of the need for up keep.

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