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Quick Guide as to what you should look for in a Guinea Pig Cage

A guineas home is one of the most important things you can provide for your new guinea pig. Making sure it has the right options can really make a difference in your guineas health and safety. Below is a quick guide as to what you should look for in a cage/home for your guinea pig.

  • When it comes to your guinea pig you want to be sure that your cage provides the necessary amount of room needed for your guinea pig to have a safe and comfortable environment.
  • You want to be sure that the cage you choose has enough room of uninterrupted space so that your guinea can run and get the exercise needed to stay in shape and healthy. If you have just 1 or 2 guineas a good rule of thumb is that you want your cage to be about 5-7.5 square feet. There are plenty on the market this size and going bigger is not going to hurt your guinea by any means.
  • You also want to be sure that the cage has a solid bottom. this allows your guinea to burrow i it desires into the bedding without the chance of its feet getting caught in some sort of grates that could harm your guinea pig.
  • A solid bottom also allows for a easy clean up for the guineas messes and ease of changing bedding. A solid base such as plastic will last longer and will cause you a lot less headache when it comes time to wash down your guineas home.
  • Also make sure that the cage allows you to custom fit it for the toys and exercise you want to put there for your guinea. You want to have easy access to these in the case you need to add or remove items.
  • Remember also about the pan in your cage. It is common for a guinea to kick its bedding around and out of the cage. Normal debpth of pans are 3-6 inches and this allows for less bedding to escape the habitat.

Again this was just a quick guide to direct you in the right direction for your cage choice. You know you and your guinea best and know what will work for you as each person has their own circumstances they need to follow. This provides you with the cleanest and safest guide to making your guinea healthy and comfortable so you can keep your friend for a long time.

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